BBL – Forever Young For Face Treatment in Bloomfield Hills, MI

BBL – Forever Young For Face Treatment Questions and Answers

Say goodbye to lackluster skin! Here at Sirene Med Spa & Wellness, We have BBL – Forever Young Face Treatment in Bloomfield Hills, MI to help you achieve rejuvenated skin and remove age spots, freckles, small vessels and more. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

BBL – Forever Young For Face Treatment Near Me in Bloomfield Hills, MI
BBL – Forever Young For Face Treatment Near Me in Bloomfield Hills, MI

If you are discouraged by the appearance of skin blemishes from sun damage, aging, or various skin conditions, you will be encouraged by the innovative treatment known as Forever Young BBLTM! This treatment is clinically proven to correct several different skin conditions with effective results. We are proud to offer this cutting-edge procedure at Sirene Med Spa and Wellness to help you feel comfortable within your skin.

How does Forever Young BBL™ face treatment work?

Forever Young face treatment uses BroadBand Light (BBL)™, which is the most potent intense pulsed light (IPL) device on the market today! BBL uses a broad spectrum of visible and infrared light to heat the epidermis and the dermis, or the outer surface of your skin and the layer directly beneath, to restore damaged skin and provide anti-aging benefits for your skin. The heat produced stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to help your skin look younger and firmer.

What happens during Forever Young BBL™ treatment?

The first thing to expect with Forever Young BBL™ treatment is a preliminary consultation to discuss with you your medical history, problem areas you would like to address with treatment, and what your goals are with Forever Young BBL TM so that your specialist can develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Once your specialist is satisfied and ready to proceed, we will adjust the IPL device according to your specific treatment needs and ask that you lie down in a comfortable position on the operating bed. We will also place a protective cover over your eyes before the procedure begins.

To begin, we will apply a numbing cream to the targeted area and a gel that optimizes the effectiveness of the IPL device. The specialist will then move the device over your skin within the targeted area, as the device emits pulses of light to restore you the health of your skin. The whole treatment session should not take much longer than 30 minutes, and you will be free to leave directly after the procedure with little to no downtime involved. Within two to six weeks, you should expect to see rejuvenated and fresh-looking skin!

How can Forever Young BBL™ treatment help me?

If you deal with any of the following skin conditions, Forever Young BBL™ treatment can be of great benefit to you! Some of the conditions that this treatment method is clinically proven to rectify include:

• Acne or acne scars
• Age spots, brown spots, and unwanted freckles
• Damaged capillaries
• Redness due to rosacea
• Removal of undesired hair
• Sun damage

How can I maintain results from Forever Young BBL™ treatment?

While Forever Young BBL™ treatment is exceptionally effective, it is not a one-time, fix-all solution. Thus, it is essential to keep up with your regular skincare routines, such as wearing sunscreen and a hat when spending time outdoors, and avoiding too much exposure to the sun. Also, make sure you regularly clean and moisturize your skin to take proper care of your beautiful skin.

Is Forever Young BBL™ FDA-approved?

You bet! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has fully approved Forever Young BBL™ for treatment. As such, we guarantee that it is a safe and effective procedure with reliable results.

Come to Sirene Med Spa and Wellness to experience our highly effective Forever Young BBL™ procedures! We promise that you will not be disappointed. To book an appointment with us, you can do so online or by calling us! You can find Sirene Med Spa and Wellness at 43700 Woodward Ave, Suite 202, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. You can also reach us during the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday. We serve patients from Bloomfield Hills MI, Birmingham MI, Royal Oak MI, Farmington Hills MI, Southfield MI, and West Bloomfield Township MI.