When you go to buy groceries you want to buy fruits and vegetables that have good skin, look fresh, etc. When comparing, the two fruits from the same tree, same age and same taste, we would choose the good-looking fruit right? The same applies to our skin. Taking care of it yields benefits that can only be experienced, not explained. I see people spending significant money on accessories but neglecting the most basic accessory that we carry daily-The Skin!!. Since skin care is an ongoing task, you have to have a plan and a budget allocated.

A good consultation or two with candid and sincere medspa physicians would give you some options to look over. Sometimes, it may take one treatment to know if you like it enough to continue. When getting skin care treatments, patience and restraint are important. You could see results in a week or sometimes up to 3 months(eg: Ultherapy). Lasers typically have to be done once a month or a minimum of 2 weeks between treatments for full benefit.

When it comes to choosing which treatment is best for you, there are too many choices in the market claiming many things. While they may be true ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL. Genetics, color, age, work exposure, sleep habits, general health, medications, supplements, lifestyle choices -all affect the choice of treatment course. This includes your budget too! So, I recommend that you choose a provider that keeps in mind all of the above and takes a detailed but focused history before making recommendations. Prevention is better than fixing it at a later time.

So, I request everyone reading this to start a skincare routine starting with a good sunscreen and a moisturizer. Keep your skin happy and it will in turn keep you happy. Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to suggest topics for my next blog by texting 248-649-2626 or emailing me at

Dr Palakurthi