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Melasma is a skin condition that is characterized by blue-grey or brown patches of freckle-like spots. It is sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy”. It is given this name because it frequently affects women who are pregnant. This occurs due to the overproduction of the cells that create the color of your skin. It is harmless and common.

Melasma can appear as flat patches or spots. They usually appear on the upper lip, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Sometimes it can show up on the forearms. It can show up on any part of the skin that gets exposed to sunlight. Melasma will lighten and darken over time and it is common for it to get worse in the summer.

The skin is made up of three layers, the top is the epidermis, the middle is called the dermis, and the underlayer is the subcutis. The upper layer or epidermis contains the cells that store and produce a dark color or pigment. The cells that produce the color are called melanocytes and can be affected by light, ultraviolet radiation, heat, or hormonal stimulation, which causes the skin to get darker.

Is Melasma curable?

Melasma can be hard to treat. To determine a treatment plan, it is best to talk to someone who understands what it is and what is causing it. There can be various contributing factors as the causes of melasma. Sometimes melasma will go away on its own, but then again, it could be permanent. It can respond to treatment, but unfortunately, there is not a definitive treatment to make it go away.

There are many treatments that are used on it because it is fairly difficult to treat. It will depend on the severity of the melasma and the location where it appears on the face or body. A combination of treatments may be necessary to get the look that you want. Since it is considered to be a chronic condition in some people a nuanced approach is often what is needed.

There are plenty of different treatments to choose from when dealing with melasma.

Some of them offered at Sirene Med Spa include:


Chemical Peels


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