Revanesse Versa

If you have been considering a dermal filler for under your eyes or for your lips, Versa by Revanesse may be what you are looking for. Contact Sirene MedSpa to see how we can help you look and feel great!

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Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid developed to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and enhances facial volume. While it is similar to other dermal fillers, there are some unique characteristics that may make it a better choice for you.

How is Revanesse Versa different from other dermal fillers on the market?

The key to Versa’s difference is that it has almost no post-injection swelling. The reduced amount of swelling allows the injection specialist to be more precise and balanced in volume correction in creating the look you want. This works very well in the under-eye area.

Versa has a very tiny spherical structure that gives it a very smooth look that gives very natural results. Versa is made with the highest quality hyaluronic acid and a greater molecular weight than other fillers of this type, which can result in longer-lasting results.

Where can Revanesse Versa be injected?

The lips are the most popular site for dermal fillers. The desire to have fuller lips, or to get a more youthful look is very common. Versa is a fantastic choice for the lips. The lips can be concerning when you are considering fillers because you want the look to be as natural as possible. Many people want to avoid the look of duck lips that can come with other fillers. Versa’s proprietary technology will give you the smoothest and most balanced look possible.

Other popular areas for dermal fillers are along the jawline and in the under-eye area. The jawline can begin to soften as we age. A dermal filler can give the contour that you may want, helping you to look younger and thinner. Dermal fillers used in the eye area can reduce lines and wrinkles and can also reduce the look of shadows and circles.

What should you expect at a Revanesse Versa appointment?

Versa appointments are quick and the results are seen immediately. If you are new to this kind of procedure you may want to have it done a few days or a week before any kind of special occasion you are planning to attend. Since Versa has a reduced risk of swelling due to the procedure, many people feel comfortable going about their day right after the appointment.

Generally, Versa will last three to six months, which is about the same as the dermal fillers. Many people feel that their results have been better and lasted longer than other dermal fillers. Many people will plan to have three maintenance injections done per year.

Sirene MedSpa & Wellness can help find out how this will work for you.