Ultherapy Specialist Q&A

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Ultherapy Specialist Near Me in Bloomfield Hills, MI
Ultherapy Specialist Near Me in Bloomfield Hills, MI

With age comes wrinkles and sagging skin, but that’s okay because there are solutions out there! Ultherapy is one of these solutions, and it’s really exciting. Ultherapy is a method of skin tightening that helps build natural collagen to support and strengthen skin. This helps the skin look more youthful, and this is the main benefit of the treatment. You can get the treatment here at Sirene Med Spa, or you can contact us or keep reading to learn more about Ultherapy in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is actually a kind of ultrasound therapy for fat reduction and skin tightening. Ultherapy uses ultrasound to target fat cells under the skin and stimulate the production of collagen in the area, and this tightens the skin naturally. The therapy is FDA-cleared for use on the face, neck, chest, and décolletage, and many patients are getting excellent results with Ultherapy.

Since the treatment is ultrasound therapy, it is entirely non-invasive and has virtually no downtime. These benefits, and other benefits, make the treatment an amazing option over other fat reduction and skin tightening treatments out there.

What are the benefits of Ultherapy?

There are many different benefits for many patients. Some of the benefits of Ultherapy are:

  • The treatment is entirely noninvasive
  • Anesthesia and an extensive recovery time are not required
  • Ultherapy has been FDA-cleared, tested in clinical trials, and performed many times worldwide
  • The treatment uses ultrasound technology which is a proven technology
  • The treatment is versatile and can be done for the face, neck, décolletage, and chest areas
  • The therapy stimulates the production of natural collagen in the body, which strengthens and tightens your skin
  • Treatment is quick and convenient, taking under an hour

As a result of the treatment, a patient may notice a more youthful appearance which is yet another benefit of Ultherapy!

What can I expect for results from Ultherapy?

Results from the therapy vary, but most patients have been satisfied with their results. Typically, the results are similar to the results of a lift.

Ultherapy results can take some time to improve because after treatment and over time, the body will be building more and more collagen. Actually, this happens over two to three months. Afterward, the patient may have tighter, brighter skin and a younger appearance!

Typically, a single treatment provides long-lasting results, and results can be extended with additional treatments every two to three years. Getting regular treatments like that can help you preserve your look. When you come to see us for a consultation here at our med spa, we’ll help you determine whether Ultherapy is right for you, and if so, we’ll give you a better idea of what you can expect from your treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Ultherapy?

You may be a good candidate for the treatment if you’re in good health, you have a fair amount of skin elasticity, and you have some mild to moderate wrinkles or skin droopiness. To find out for sure whether you’d be a good candidate for Ultherapy, come see us for a consultation here at Sirene Med Spa.

If you’d like that consultation with us or if you have any other questions for us, contact us at our med spa. We can answer some of your questions over the phone and all of your questions during a consultation. We’re confident Ultherapy will be right for you, and we’ll make sure you’re just as confident after your consultation. We serve patients from Bloomfield Hills MI, Birmingham MI, Royal Oak MI, Farmington Hills MI, Southfield MI, and West Bloomfield Township MI.

We look forward to seeing you soon!