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Accufit Body Sculpting

Sirene MedSpa & Wellness has now brought in AccuFit Body Sculpting. This is a state-of-the-art muscle-building treatment system. This new technology builds, strengthens, and tones muscles without exercise.

How can AccuFit build muscle without exercise?

The AccuFit Body Sculpting system uses powerful electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contractions during a short office visit. These contractions create the equivalent of months of exercise. The AccuFit system applies four proprietary waveforms to replicate four different types of muscle movements.

What muscle movements does the AccuFit muscle-building reproduce?

Most other muscle contraction systems typically create only one type of muscle contraction. The AccuFit system emits four different types of electrical impulses to create greater muscle movement. These are referred to as Twist, Hold, Grip, and Tap. This variation of electrical impulse helps the system work better because it has the ability to create muscle movement that is much more similar to a workout in a gym.

How long does an AccuFit muscle-building treatment take?

The average session for AccuFit muscle building takes about 30 minutes. An extra benefit of this is that more than one area of the body can be treated at the same time. This allows for much faster results.

Is AccuFit muscle-building safe?

Muscle building with the AccuFit system is safe and effective. It was developed by Lutronic, a world leader in aesthetic treatments. They have a record of decades of safe systems and multiple FDA approvals. The AccuFit Body Sculpting system builds muscles in the same way that exercise does. Since there are no drugs and no invasive procedures, it is very safe.

Can AccuFit give me a “butt lift”?

AccuFit will tone, lift and firm the buttock muscles. This will give a more smooth, rounder, and higher behind. While the results from AccuFit may not be quite as dramatic as a surgical procedure, it is safe and has no side effects.

AccuFit is much less expensive than having a surgical procedure. Since this is a non-invasive treatment, there is no risk of infection, no scars, and no recovery period. You will be able to go about your normal day once the treatment is over.

Is there any downtime after AccuFit muscle-building treatment?

There is no downtime or need to recuperate after an AccuFit treatment. You can go about your regular routine as soon as you finish. Since it only takes about 30 minutes for a treatment, many people choose to do this on their lunch break. You might have some muscle fatigue afterward like you would with a workout.

Why is AccuFit muscle-building better than exercise?

AccuFit is effective in how it produces action in the muscles. A single workout can achieve what hundreds of hours of exercise can do. AccuFit can focus on specific muscle groups and be more precise than exercise. The ability to focus on a specific muscle group can help you work toward the muscle proportions that you desire. Increasing muscle in this way simply and effectively can contribute to a good weight maintenance program.

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