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Laser Spider Vein Reduction

Laser Spider Vein Treatment – How It Works, Side Effects And More..

Laser spider vein removal is a safe and effective way to remove unsightly spider veins on the legs. The procedure uses a special light that targets the veins and destroys them without damaging surrounding tissue.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are small blood vessels that appear as red or purple lines under the skin. They often occur near the ankles, knees, and feet. These tiny veins are not dangerous, but they can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

How Does The Procedure Work?

During the procedure, a doctor will use a special device called a laser to deliver light energy to the spider veins. The laser delivers light energy to the spider vein through a fiber optic cable. The laser heats the blood inside the vessel causing it to coagulate and seal off. Once the spider vein has been treated, the patient should expect some redness and swell at the injection site.

Types Of Laser Spider Vein Treatments Available

There are several further treatments available for spider veins. These treatments include sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation (RFA), and laser therapy. Sclerotherapy is the least invasive treatment option. In this procedure, a small needle is inserted into the skin near the spider vein. A solution containing a chemical irritant is injected into the vein. This solution causes the vein walls to collapse and close off. RFA uses heat energy to destroy the spider veins. This method requires multiple treatments. Laser therapy uses light energy to remove spider veins.

Why Do People Have Them?

Spider veins are caused by raised pressure in the veins. This occurs when there is swelling in the tissues surrounding the veins. Over time, these swollen tissues can become thickened and form into a network of smaller veins called varicose veins.

Is Laser Spider Vein Treatment Painful?

While laser spider vein treatment is minimally invasive, some people do experience mild discomfort during the procedure. This is typically due to the heat generated by the laser as it destroys the blood vessels. However, most patients report minimal pain after the procedure is complete.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks of Laser Spider Vein Treatment?

There are several benefits of laser spider vein treatment. First, it is minimally invasive. Second, it is fast. Third, it is safe. Fourth, it is effective. Fifth, it is affordable. Finally, it is permanent.

Embarrassed by ugly spider veins? Sirene Med Spa & Wellness Center provides treatment to diminish spider veins using the latest laser technology.

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